How to stay motivated during uncertain time in your job?

In this quest firstly, is important we understand the meaning of “uncertainty”. The dictionary meaning of this word is described as below.

Uncertainty – ʌnˈsəːt(ə)nti/

Noun – the state of being uncertain.

“times of uncertainty and danger”


In today’s world, many people are faced with the uncertain situations day in, day out. There are several factors leading to this, which can be identified as below:

  1. Staff redundancies by the companies’ due to hard economical situations companies faces.

In todays’ fast changing world has become highly unpredictable & socio-economic situation changes constantly. However, only handful of companies able to predict them well in advance. Many other companies struggle to face to adjust to the situation. Eventually, business are forced to lay off some of their employees.


  1. Being layoff by the companies’ due to incompetence’s of the individual.

What was good or appropriate skill yesterday may not be good today. Even in the same job, the set of skills required to accomplish its key results are changing. More over the younger employees are more accustom to technological advancement which is helping companies in innovation & change management.


  1. Employees not being intellectually honest.

Many employees either do not have the capacity to understand their own capabilities understanding what they are good at. Have a critical look at the individual skills & knowledge to perform a task. Listen to others for their feedback not 100 % relying on your gut-feeling. It could be your mentor, boss, your colleague, a loved one in the family.


How to overcome the above & stay motivated?

  1. Understand your self-motivational factors.

Each one of have motivational factors unique to one another. But the challenge is to identify them. While there are so many articles written about this topic, my simple approach will be as below.

  • Know your origin; where you came from, your family, nationality, religion. Because these are central to your behavior & thinking pattern.
  • Know your ground; this is knowing your current affairs of life.
  • What makes you excited about.
  1. Stay focus & be energized.

During difficult time in life, one of the first things happens to you is losing the focus in life. However, staying with the course of the life, will help you understand that the temporary setbacks will not stay around for long. It is the human nature that every time you are down, your brain tries to get back to normality.

  1. Be honest to yourself.

Being honest to oneself will help understanding the need for change & adoption. Being intellectually honest as important as being honest to your character.

  1. Communicate clearly & timely.

Communication is the key for any successful professional. Today, there is no lack of knowledge, but there is a big gap in communicating your skills. Clarity in the communication is key to success.